Draft Day; Don’t Wait Up


Sorry for the long hiatus. I’m still adjusting to the new schedule and really sleep in the morning weighs much heavier that spitting out a blog post.

But that being said, I couldn’t let today come without offering a little something. I mean it’s draft day. If you go back through my blog’s years of posts you’ll see, the draft is one of my favorite events. I still hate that it starts on a Thursday but what I can I do, they’re not changing it.

So tonight the Patriots hold the 32nd overall pick. The last pick in the first round. The pick that will be selected around 12:30AM. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it’ll definitely be late and definitely be picked long after I’ve gone to bed.

Here’s the deal, the people saying the Pats are going to keep the pick because Belichick values that extra year they get on a first round pick are nuts. When what he’s picking at 32 can easily be had in the mid 40’s for the same caliber of player, zero chance he picks when he can add a seventh round pick to his draft load but jumping back 10 picks.

The need exists desperately for a corner. My fanboy hope is that the Pats trade up, get into the teens and get a game changing corner. But realistic me knows that the three third round picks Belichick can get for his first is far too enticing.

So I recommend you get your sleep tonight, stay with it as long as you can, but don’t count on the Pats ending the night. I don’t think it’s going to happen.


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A Clarification


I feel the need to clarify a little something about this year’s Bruins team.

I wanted them to win, and I wanted them to be in the playoffs.

“But Jay, most of your columns were about wanting the Bruins to lose. Could you clarify?”


See, in order for change to happen with the Bruins, there needs to be catastrophe. It’s a shame that it’s come to this but had the team made the playoffs and advanced a round (which I didn’t think was going to happen) they would have probably saved everyone’s jobs.

Chiarelli would have got the team to the playoffs again. Had them advance out of the first round again. And if somehow the team had forced a game seven in their second round loss, he could have pointed to just a couple of puck bounces away from the Conference Finals again.

Julien would be lauded for his sticktoitiveness with the Chris Kellys and Daniel Pailles on the team. Meanwhile burying guys like Ryan Spooner and David Pastrňák up on the ninth floor because they turned over the puck once in practice in October.

The culture around the Bruins needed to be changed and the only way change was going to be affected was with their collapse down the stretch and them missing the playoffs.

Now the real question looming is, do the Jacobs have the balls to do a complete overhaul? Will they eat Claude’s deal? Will they eat Chiarelli’s money? Or is this simply a reincarnation of the Harry Sinden ear where we’re going to be saddled with Chiarelli for a long, long time?

Hopefully these questions are answered sooner than later. Personally, I’m sick of the Claude/Chiarelli combo and would welcome new blood even if it means a down year for the club. Long term future success is worth it.

Here’s hoping the Jacobs have the balls to pull the trigger and the new GM can also pull the trigger and overhaul this team.

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NL Preview


If you thought yesterday was exciting, get ready for an NL preview filled with cluelessness and guess work.

NL East
1. Nationals
They finally live up to the hype. Their rotation is solid, their lineup is supposed to be legit. Perhaps this is the year they finally piece it all together.
2. Marlins
I’m using the same logic here as the Nationals. A team packed with young talent lives up to the potential. Same as the AL East, I don’t think it’s Wild Card potential, but potential all the same.
3. Mets
After the trades the Braves made this off season, I think they took themselves right out of the mix. And the Phillies are trying to hit that 100 loss mark so I’m getting the Mets out of the basement.
4. Phillies
Yup, they may be trying to hit that 100 loss mark, but the Braves are trying harder so I give them the nod for the cellar spot over the Phillies.
5. Braves
Yup, you trade away half your team for prospects, I predict you finish in last.

NL Central
1. Pirates
Because I love the Pirates. I’ve done zero research to see if they’re a viable candidate this year, but I’m taking them all the same.
2. Cardinals
The Cardinals will likely win the central, but you know the rules; my blog = my rules. So I’ll let the Cardinals hang out in the hunt most of the year but end up losing out to the Cardinals. They’ll get one of the Wild Card spots only because the guys out west will beat each other senseless.
3. Cubs
Really the other three teams I think are a crap shoot. Sure the Cubs spent money, but they’re the Cubs. I’ll give them the nod with the increased payroll, but they won’t make the post season.
4. Brewers
Just because I don’t want them in the cellar (where they’re likely headed).
5. Reds
I debated flip flopping them and the Cubs. I’m sticking with my guns though. Reds in the basement.

NL West
1. Dodgers
I think this is the best division in baseball. You have the Dodgers and their $300+ million payroll. The division is as tough as ever but I think they still come out on top.
2. Padres
They had one of the best off seasons of any team on paper. Whether or not that will translate to wins remains to be seen. But based on their moves, I’m going to give them the nod as the second Wild Card team.
3. Giants
I debated them as the second Wild Card team, but I really can’t leave the Cardinals out in the cold. Let’s say they’re going to be in it until the very end, but they’ll be eliminated in the final week of the season.
4. Rockies
It’s going to be a very long season for both the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. Both teams are going to be the whipping boys for the other three teams in their division (not to mention all the other divisions).
5. Diamondbacks
From the playoffs in 2011 to the basement in 2014, two games shy of 100 losses. I don’t think they’re improving much this year when the rest of the division got better.

So playoffs.

Cardinals beat the Padres in the play in game. Dodgers lose to the Cardinals and the Nationals beat the Pirates. Pirates go seven but also lose to the Cardinals.

Detroit against the Cardinals in the World Series. Cards win it all.

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AL Preview


One of my favorite columns to write every year. The thing is, it’s not as fun as it used to be and I don’t know why.

Baseball was king for me. It really was. I knew several players on every team in both the AL and NL. And not just from Sportscenter. I knew certain guys stats off the cuff. Now not so much.

It’s like the Sox won in 2004 and then in 2007 and all of a sudden I didn’t care as much. I went from knowing every guy on the Sox including their bullpen, to now knowing most of the position players, some of the rotation and next to no one in their pen.

Football has become king. Hockey has solidified a second place and I find myself strangely drawn to watch the Celtics more than the Red Sox.

Just needed to get that off my chest.

Here we go…

1. Red Sox
Um, why not? Really, they finished last place last year but the lineup is full of guys that can hit (well in video games anyways). Their questionable rotation can be fixed with a phone call to Philadelphia (which I predict does happen). The rest of the division is a huge question mark as well so why the heck not? Taking the home town team to win a very bad AL East.
2. Blue Jays
With no Wild Card coming out of this division I figure this is the year Toronto finally lives up to the hype. Or not. Really this division sucks so bad you could take all of the teams, put them in a raffle and your 1-5 could be decided.
3. Yankees
I know all the Sox fans that still believe there’s a rivalry think that the Yankees are dead. I don’t think so. Sure they’re very old, but if they have a healthy rotation, I think they can be a formidable team in the division this year.
4. Orioles
Nelson Cruz was a big part of their lineup last year and he’s in Seattle now (more on that later). I think they have a pretty hard decline after last year.
5. Rays
The Rays lose their manager and come plummeting back to the cellar. Their back to the team we knew in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

AL Central
1. Tigers
It seams I write the same thing every year but they just seem stacked every year. Their rotation has a couple question marks that weren’t ever question marks, but I think they have nothing to worry about.
2. Indians
First Wild Card team here. I think they continue to get better with Francona at the helm and push Detroit for the division.
3. Royals
From World Series to missing the playoffs? Yup. Last year was the fluke.
4. White Sox
I mean only because the Twins are going to be awful do they get to not finish in the cellar.
5. Twins
100 losses, quite possibly. Bringing in Santana and then losing him for half the year is a big blow to a team that wasn’t destined fr much.

AL West
1. Mariners
Why not here too? Cruz should give Cano the much needed help in the lineup he missed last year. King Felix is still their ace. I know it’s the trendy pick, but I’m going with it anyways.
2. Angels
Eventually this huge payroll will produce something right? This year it creates a Wild Card team that has to play Cleveland to get into the playoffs. Maybe Pujols starts acting like the player they invested in. Maybe.
3. Rangers
Again, looking at the rest of their division, I’m comfortable giving them the third spot. Not enough to challenge for that second Wild Card but not bad enough to finish in the basement. A healthy Prince Fielder should help too.
4. Athletics
Much like the Orioles, I think Oakland has a crash back to Earth. Not bad enough to lose out to Houston, but certainly bad enough to finish way out of the mix this year.
5. Astros
Yup, last place again.

From here I’ll take the Angels over Cleveland in the play in game. Detroit over Boston in the ALDS, and Seattle beating the Angels. Seattle loses to Detroit in the ALCS to face….tune in tomorrow to find out my NL Champions.

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Dreading It


Listening to sports radio as I’m prone to do, I heard a very scary realization.

Should the Celtics and the Bruins miss the playoffs, all we’re going to have to talk about starting around mid-April is going to be the Red Sox.

I’m being 100% honest, they aren’t even on my periphery at this point. I don’t really pay attention when they talk about the Red Sox during the updates. I know a bunch of the roster, but don’t know how anyone has really done this spring.

Oh this is going to suck. With no deep playoff run by either of the Garden teams, it’s going to be a ton of baseball and not much else.

This is going to suck.

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They’re Out

0307 Senators 003.JPG

Last night as the Bruins were idle, the Senators were not. The Sens were hosting the Sharks in Ottawa and took advantage of their opportunity. They dropped a five spot on the Sharks and in the process knocked the Bruins out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.


Like I was saying yesterday, I really don’t want the Bruins to make the playoffs for their one-and-done opportunity. Instead I want that to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and starts a complete overhaul of the team.

As I’ve stated many times, the Theo Epstein-esque man crushes that Chiarelli has for his own guys really hurt this team. Instead of a window of three or four years with a solid core, they overpaid their own guys who got high on the hog with their contracts. They became complacent and some nights wouldn’t even try.

Just going through the motions doesn’t cut it and major changes need to happen. So stay hot Ottawa. Maybe the Panthers and Flyers can get hot too and push the Bruins down a little. Give the new GM a higher draft pick this summer.

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Falling Fast


I was a little late getting the game turned on yesterday afternoon. And when I did it was 3-1 Tampa Bay at the start of the second period. Like a car crash I continued to watch as Tuukka was pulled and they went down 4-1.

I’m not blowing taps on the trumpet yet on this season, but the horn is out of its case. 10 games left, only four at home, and they’re playing teams they lose to down the stretch. Not a good combo.

Even if they sneak into the playoffs I think they’re a one and done team (yes again). They’ve showed no consistency at all this year.

So listening to sports radio, one of the guys was arguing that you give Peter Chiarelli the chance this off-season to right his wrongs. Let him untangle the mess the team is in and rebuild the roster over the summer.

How about no.

He’s done nothing to try and improve the team since they won the Cup. He’s traded away young, albeit immature, talent for cents on the dollar. If the Seigun trade didn’t seal his fate in most people’s minds the Boychuk trade absolutely did. If that’s not enough, look at his inept drafting ability. They’ve hit on nothing.

So I vote to can the GM and I also vote to can the head coach. Sorry Claude. The team can’t trade all 23 guys on the roster and you can’t coach the guys they have.

So overhaul what you can on the roster (like my unpopular trading Lucic idea), clean up the cap, and install a new system that somehow manufactures offense. What’s there now isn’t cutting it.

It’s going to be a long month as they limp to the finish and their April tee times (thanks Joe).

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