Brackets Busted…Again

Denzell Watts

I watch so little college basketball I don’t think this should be a shocker, but really, after day one I already have a team out of the final four. Ugh…

Iowa State beats Kansas for the Big 12 title, you figure they’re set for a run. Nope. Knocked off by a school I didn’t know existed. Sweet.

Same goes for Baylor losing to Georgia State. I had Baylor making a little run to the sweet 16 before losing to Arizona.

Oh well. That’s part of the “fun” I suppose…


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Happy Trails Vince


When the Pats passed on Vince Wilfork’s option earlier in the month we all knew the end could be near. But there were the whispers that the Pats were still working to bring him back, and we hadn’t heard any announcement from the team which fueled speculation that he could still return.

It turns out the Pats were still trying to bring him back but only on their terms for short money. Meanwhile the Texans still thought he had enough in the tank to merit a legit offer. Two years at $9 million with $5 million guaranteed legit.

So Vince took a job with the Texans. He leaves a pretty decent size void on the defensive line.

Belichick had this to say:

“Few players reached or will ever reach the special level of Vince Wilfork. He is a great champion and one of the classiest people I have ever been around — just a kind, genuine and giving person who was all about our team, football, winning and bringing joy to others,” Belichick said in a statement. “There may have never been anyone at his position with as much strength, toughness, intelligence, instinctiveness and athleticism…He is the best defensive lineman I ever coached, an all-time great Patriot whose place on our team will be missed but whose remarkable career as a Patriot will be remembered forever.”

Very high praise from Belichick. Here’s hoping that he has a plan to replace him. Early rumor is BJ Raji from the Packers. He’s only 28 and can still bring it. It’ll be interesting to see if the Pats go down that road or just wait until the draft to try and replace Wilfork.

Good luck Vince. You’ll be missed. You were a class act.

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Bracket Time


Once again the blog will be hosting it’s March Madness brackets over on Yahoo.

Take a moment to CLICK HERE and sign up.

Last year was only like 5 of us, I’d like to see a dozen or so entries this year to make it a little more interesting.

All the best, and remember, at least you’ll probably beat me.

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Pushing For The Playoffs

Jonas Jerebko

It drives my wife crazy, but I watch a bunch of Celtics basketball. Even if it’s just a quarter or two, I try and catch a little bit of every game.

It used to be I’d watch it to make sure they lost. Last year especially, I was pushing for that top spot in the draft. This year started the same way. As they traded off pieces I figured it would be easier to tank away their season and get that next piece near the top of the draft lottery.

But this team started winning. I’m not saying they’re surging to the top of the division or anything, but they are in a position where they’re definitely not going to finish the season near a top three pick in the lottery.

So if they’re not going to have a shot at a top three pick, I say why not make the playoffs. Is it really that much of a difference in drafting at 17 than at 10? Yeah, didn’t think so. Outside of that coveted top three, the chances of getting a franchise player drop significantly.

So I’ve done a 180 on the Celtics. From wanting them to tank away their season, I now want them to make the playoffs. I understand that comes with getting swept out by Atlanta but I think it’s good for the younger guys to experience the post season.

I think it will bolster Brad Stevens confidence too. Maybe they solidify a rotation and can start next season a step ahead of this season.

It’s a slow rebuild and I understand that now. But I’m pulling for them to make the playoffs.

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Revis Headed to NYC


We’d heard rumors most of the afternoon that Revis was gone. Then yesterday evening it was official, Revis to the Jets, five years $70 million with $39 million guaranteed.

It prompted me to post this on FB:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.27.50 AM copy

The Pats also lost Shane Vereen and Jonathan Casillas to the Giants, and declined Brandon Browner’s option.

So they have no starting corners and they’re down their starting running back (unless you have Blount as your #1 on the depth chart). Either way you don’t have your Kevin Faulk back. Rumor is the Pats are looking at Reggie Bush or Roy Helu. Percy Harvin could also help fill the void.

But the team’s defense has quite a few holes now. You go from the top CB in the league to a bag of crap, it’s not encouraging. I hope there’s a plan.

We’ll just have to keep watching.

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Corner Overhaul?


The Patriots took care of their own in re-signing McCourty. As the fans were celebrating that signing the news started leaking out that Darrelle Revis’s $20 million option was not going to be picked up and he’d be a free agent.

I’m in the we want Revis back camp (I’m sure most everyone is). If the rumors are true that it’ll take $40 million guaranteed over three years, or even $50 million guaranteed, I’m pulling the trigger if I’m the Patriots.

But then the report came out that the team told Brandon Browner to explore his value with other teams.

I know he’s not a #1 cornerback but with the potential loss of Revis, don’t you think you should hang onto him??

Butler had a career highlight interception, but do you think he’s ready to start on the outside? Me either.

I would sign Revis, keep Browner, and call it a day. But the frugal Pats may not do that. So we’ll watch today and see what they do. We’ve lived the patchwork secondary, and I for one don’t want to go back to it.

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McCourty Staying

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

My Facebook friends know that Saturday night I got my picture taken with the Lombardi trophy when I was gigging in town for the Boston Police. I was going to press my luck and try to get a picture with Robert Kraft but given the fact I was working and not a cop, I decided against it.

Jonathan was there with him and I joked to my buddy that he was on the phone with McCourty’s people pushing to get a deal done.

Maybe he was.

All of the reports I had read had him heading to Philadelphia. But I thought of Asante Samuel. He was a product of the system and didn’t have the success he had here when he left. Maybe McCourty had the same thought. I’ve succeeded in New England in two positions, maybe I should just stay.

Beats an aging Troy Polamalu trying to replace him. And you know for a fact that Belichick would’ve pressed hard for him (still may).

Now the big question mark is Revis. We should know more today on that front as his bonus is due tomorrow. Here’s hoping championships are tops on his agenda and he’s back next year and beyond.

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