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Truck Day


The truck bringing all the Red Sox equipment down to Fort Myers is leaving today. This has become another event where Uncle Larry can make a few bucks. For just $19.95 plus shipping and handling you can have your own Truck Day replica truck.

This really is the stupidest thing. It was a winter rite of passage and we’d watch the news and see it was on the way to Florida. But now Uncle Larry has turned it into another way to make money at Fenway and sell a few more hats and t-shirts.

Enough already. Please just sell the team and clean house in the front office. Starting with Lucchino. Take Werner with you too.


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Decision Day For Lester

jon lester

We’ve waited and waited and waited. The decision was supposed to be made before baseball’s winter meetings. Then it was going to be made by Friday, then over the weekend, then late last night or today.

So it’s been pushed so many times it’s nothing but annoying at this point. All of baseball is waiting for this domino to fall and that will set the rest of the market (trades, free agents etc) into motion.

The report yesterday afternoon was it was down to the Cubs and Giants. It was quickly denied by Lester’s agents.

Waking up this morning the report is that there are still four teams in on him (Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox) and that all four have made offers in the six year $150 million range. It was also reported that one team (I assume LA) is willing to go seven years and $175 to get a deal done.

I hope it’s the Sox. They deserve to have to overpay after the low ball offer they made in the spring. My gut still says LA, but if you believe the report that came out yesterday, I’d be wrong either way.

Hopefully we find out soon. I’m tired of waiting.

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Hanley Coming Back

Hanley Ramirezs

I would normally summarize a Patriots beat down of the Lions after yesterday, but Red Sox hot stove trumps the Patriots so here we go.

Reports are the Sox are close to finalizing a five year $90 million contract with Hanley Ramirez. This comes on the heals of the Sox supposedly offering Pablo Sandoval a five year deal in the same neighborhood and offering Jon Lester a six year $110-$120 million offer.

So much for the offering guys two year contract model that blew up in their face last season. The Sox are back to being the 2000s Yankees. Have a need? Go buy it. Overpay to make sure the player ends up on your team.

The Ramirez signing is interesting. The rumor was that he was going to be signed to play third. But if Sandoval is coming to town, you know he’s your third baseman at least for a few years before being moved to first/DH. So now the rumor has changed a little and it’s Ramirez being signed to play in the outfield. A crowded outfield where you already have Cespedes, Craig, Jackie Bradley, Castillo, Betts, and Victorino.

So I’m taking a wild stab in the dark that this move is the first in what should be a series of moves. Step one, get an outfielder in place, and that will be followed by trading Cespedes, and maybe Craig. So last year was just stockpiling assets so they could make trades this off-season?

I’m guessing that Cole Hammels is on their trade list and the Lester offer was just posturing. Lester, I’m assuming, ends up in Atlanta and the Sox know that they aren’t going to have to top offer. So they’re hedging their bets and are going to trade for Hammels.

They’ll still need another pitcher and I think that a James Shields offer is coming as well. When you print money like the Red Sox do, you can just spend to your heart’s content (even though they didn’t last off-season).

At least they’re making the off-season interesting.

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Lester Trade Gaining Steam

jon lester

I had mentioned yesterday the possibility of Jon Lester getting moved before the deadline. Well, yesterday that possibility really picked up and it became more of an inevitability.

The Lester to the Dodgers with Matt Kemp coming back does nothing for me. I’d hope it also does nothing for the Red Sox front office. Trading a front line starter for an overpaid, oft-injured outfielder on the decline doesn’t make any sense to me. So let’s shoot that one down.

The other rumor is one that Lester perpetuated himself; that even if he was traded he’d still be open to returning to the Red Sox in the off-season. Let’s shoot that down as well. If this guy hits free agency the Yankees, Rangers, Dodgers or someone is going to overpay him to the tune of five or six years in the $25-$28 million per. The Sox won’t go near those numbers.

So we’re left wondering how Lester’s tenure with the team will end. Will we wake up one morning this week and he’s just gone? Will he be able to make one more start? If he can make it to tomorrow night, he’ll likely get one last start at Fenway, but he could also be held back by the team looking to acquire him and he’ll just be gone.

A sad way for his tenure with the team to end. I blame Uncle Larry for it. If he hadn’t low balled Lester in the spring, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. I just hope they’re able to get a lot for him, and they plan to flip these assets for Stanton.

We shall see.

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White Flag Waving

peavy giants

AJ Pierzynski was the first domino to fall. But after he was designated for assignment the Red Sox went on a decent run. In fact, heading into Toronto, there was talk of a playoff run.

Flash forward to the team dropping five in a row and the playoff talk is over. The white flag is up and guys are on their way out of town.

Jake Peavy was the next to go. Last year’s trade deadline acquisition was a bust to say the least. Sure he gave you innings, but I think he had two wins against non-NL opponents since they got him. His ERA creeping towards five, he had a 1-9 record for the Sox this season. The Sox finally dealt him, but not to St Louis as everyone had predicted, instead they moved him to San Fransisco where he lost again last night.

Now the other possible guys moving hasn’t changed. We’re hearing Jonny Gomes’ name mentioned. There’s a ton of Andrew Miller chatter as well. Uehara’s name is also being mentioned but I’ve heard almost every arm in the Sox bullpen in trade rumors. I haven’t heard any Stephen Drew rumors and that’s upsetting. Cherington to make the fan base happy and just trade/release/designate Drew.

One other name mentioned is Jon Lester. I’m a little torn on this one. He came up through the system and proven he can pitch in Boston. But the Sox low balled him so badly this past spring that he won’t negotiate for an extension. Now he’s pitching out of his mind on a bad club, I’m sure the Sox could get a king’s ransom for Lester if they move him this week.

Lester has said even if he was traded, he’d be open to coming back this off-season. I don’t know if the Sox would win any bidding war if he hit he open market. So if you’re not going to get him back next year, I’m listening to what’s out there. If you can acquire a ton of assets that makes a Stanton run this winter a reality, I’m all in.

And as for the Matt Kemp to Boston deal. Only if the Dodgers are picking up his salary. Otherwise, no thanks.

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Drew’s Days Numbered?

ALCS - Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox - Game Six

At this point you all know my feelings on Stephen Drew. They’re pretty much on par with Julio Lugo at this point. They both started on Championship teams and I wanted nothing to do with either of them from the word go.

Well, Will Middlebrooks, or should I say the oft injured Will Middlebrooks is getting closer to a return with the Red Sox. That means a corresponding move will have to be made on the major league roster to accommodate his return.

Here’s my idea and i don’t think it’s too far off. Xander Bogaerts has been slumping at the plate. But before he moved to third he was tearing the cover off the ball at shortstop. The Sox clearly envisioned him as a shortstop and that’s why they hadn’t brought Drew back at the start of the season.

So I think you release Stephen Drew, you move Bogaerts back to shortstop, and you let Middlebrooks start at third. If he gets hurt again, you let Brock Holt play third. With Victorino possibly on his way back too Holt loses a spot in the outfield assuming Victorino is healthy and playing.

The bottom line is the Sox will have to make some moves. Sure moving Mookie Betts down to Pawtucket seems like an easy one for when Victorino comes back but I think the releasing Drew is just as easy for Middlebrooks coming back.

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Checking In At The Break


After taking two from Chicago and two of three over the weekend from the Astros, the Red Sox find themselves, in the same spot. Last place in the AL East.

The youth movement has been fun so far. But hasn’t done much to change the standings.

Just for a good laugh I checked my column from the beginning of the season. I had it almost exactly flipped upside down. Tampa, Boston, NY, Baltimore, and Toronto. This morning it’s Baltimore, Toronto, NY, Tampa and Boston tied in the basement.

Out West I had the Rangers winning it, they’re in last place too. Detroit in the Central seems to be my one bright spot.

The big question is what’s going to happen for the rest of the year? Will the Sox get some sort of Morgan Magic and tear off 20 wins in a row to vault themselves out of the cellar and into the playoffs?

Yeah, I doubt it too.

What I do want to see is how many more contracts they can dump and get as many kids up on the roster as possible. Drew is my prime target, followed by Gomes, and the Peavy. All for different reasons but even if you can’t trade these guys, I’m OK with a designating them for assignment.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but this certainly isn’t where I thought the Sox would be at the All Star break.

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