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NL Preview


If you thought yesterday was exciting, get ready for an NL preview filled with cluelessness and guess work.

NL East
1. Nationals
They finally live up to the hype. Their rotation is solid, their lineup is supposed to be legit. Perhaps this is the year they finally piece it all together.
2. Marlins
I’m using the same logic here as the Nationals. A team packed with young talent lives up to the potential. Same as the AL East, I don’t think it’s Wild Card potential, but potential all the same.
3. Mets
After the trades the Braves made this off season, I think they took themselves right out of the mix. And the Phillies are trying to hit that 100 loss mark so I’m getting the Mets out of the basement.
4. Phillies
Yup, they may be trying to hit that 100 loss mark, but the Braves are trying harder so I give them the nod for the cellar spot over the Phillies.
5. Braves
Yup, you trade away half your team for prospects, I predict you finish in last.

NL Central
1. Pirates
Because I love the Pirates. I’ve done zero research to see if they’re a viable candidate this year, but I’m taking them all the same.
2. Cardinals
The Cardinals will likely win the central, but you know the rules; my blog = my rules. So I’ll let the Cardinals hang out in the hunt most of the year but end up losing out to the Cardinals. They’ll get one of the Wild Card spots only because the guys out west will beat each other senseless.
3. Cubs
Really the other three teams I think are a crap shoot. Sure the Cubs spent money, but they’re the Cubs. I’ll give them the nod with the increased payroll, but they won’t make the post season.
4. Brewers
Just because I don’t want them in the cellar (where they’re likely headed).
5. Reds
I debated flip flopping them and the Cubs. I’m sticking with my guns though. Reds in the basement.

NL West
1. Dodgers
I think this is the best division in baseball. You have the Dodgers and their $300+ million payroll. The division is as tough as ever but I think they still come out on top.
2. Padres
They had one of the best off seasons of any team on paper. Whether or not that will translate to wins remains to be seen. But based on their moves, I’m going to give them the nod as the second Wild Card team.
3. Giants
I debated them as the second Wild Card team, but I really can’t leave the Cardinals out in the cold. Let’s say they’re going to be in it until the very end, but they’ll be eliminated in the final week of the season.
4. Rockies
It’s going to be a very long season for both the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. Both teams are going to be the whipping boys for the other three teams in their division (not to mention all the other divisions).
5. Diamondbacks
From the playoffs in 2011 to the basement in 2014, two games shy of 100 losses. I don’t think they’re improving much this year when the rest of the division got better.

So playoffs.

Cardinals beat the Padres in the play in game. Dodgers lose to the Cardinals and the Nationals beat the Pirates. Pirates go seven but also lose to the Cardinals.

Detroit against the Cardinals in the World Series. Cards win it all.


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Welcome Back Mike Lowell

We as fans hear “it’s not about money” all the time from athletes and a majority of the time it’s an outright lie. Enter Mike Lowell, who has said all along that he likes Boston, his wife likes the area and they wanted to stay in Boston. Well as late as Sunday night the Phillies, who said they weren’t pursuing Lowell, had a conference call with Lowell, manager Charlie Manuel and GM Pat Gillick. They offered Lowell a four year $50 Million deal. At that point the Sox had a three year $36 Million on the table:

LowellP Hello Theo, Mike Lowell here, Philly just offered me four years at $50 Million

Theo Sorry Mike, I know the fans love you, but I can’t go four years.

LowellP How about you bump it up a little on the three. Say an extra $1.5 Million per

Theo Shouldn’t your agent be making these calls for you?

LowellP Haven’t me and the Mrs. made is clear, we want to stay in Boston. Throw me a bone here

Theo Well, I should really talk to Uncle Larry, but how about 3 years $37.5 Million?

LowellP Done.

Mr. 38 Potato Pancakes already chimed in on the subject and is ecstatic that Mikey’s back with the Sox and so am I. Gay-Rod gets his pay day in New York saying he has unfinished business with the Spanks. Yeah, unfinished business getting knocked from the playoffs with your paltry .267 average this past post season with one RBI and is hit-less in his last 18 play-off at bats with runners in scoring position. To boot, this scum bag got another $1.5 Million for winning the MVP, be grateful post season doesn’t count, Gay Rod the Anti-Clutch.


Mike Lowell (3 years $37.5 Million)

Regular season

Avg HR RBI Runs SB






Post Season 

Avg HR RBI Runs SB







Gay-Rod Purple Lipstick (10 years $275 Million)

Regular Season:

Avg HR RBI Runs SB






Post Season:

Avg HR RBI Runs SB






So for more than double the money you get pretty much double the home runs and RBI’s and an absolute dud in the postseason. I’ll take Lowell and let Papi and Manny get me the extra home runs and RBI’s. Welcome back Mikey.

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