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Falling Fast


I was a little late getting the game turned on yesterday afternoon. And when I did it was 3-1 Tampa Bay at the start of the second period. Like a car crash I continued to watch as Tuukka was pulled and they went down 4-1.

I’m not blowing taps on the trumpet yet on this season, but the horn is out of its case. 10 games left, only four at home, and they’re playing teams they lose to down the stretch. Not a good combo.

Even if they sneak into the playoffs I think they’re a one and done team (yes again). They’ve showed no consistency at all this year.

So listening to sports radio, one of the guys was arguing that you give Peter Chiarelli the chance this off-season to right his wrongs. Let him untangle the mess the team is in and rebuild the roster over the summer.

How about no.

He’s done nothing to try and improve the team since they won the Cup. He’s traded away young, albeit immature, talent for cents on the dollar. If the Seigun trade didn’t seal his fate in most people’s minds the Boychuk trade absolutely did. If that’s not enough, look at his inept drafting ability. They’ve hit on nothing.

So I vote to can the GM and I also vote to can the head coach. Sorry Claude. The team can’t trade all 23 guys on the roster and you can’t coach the guys they have.

So overhaul what you can on the roster (like my unpopular trading Lucic idea), clean up the cap, and install a new system that somehow manufactures offense. What’s there now isn’t cutting it.

It’s going to be a long month as they limp to the finish and their April tee times (thanks Joe).


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Cam’s Pissed

The team blew a 3-0 lead on Monday night. Something we’re used to seeing around here (think the Philly series where they were up both 3-0 in the series and in Game 7 before blowing it). But finally instead of the fluff pieces coming out on how they know they need to play better etc. Cam Neely has come out and spoken the truth and he’s pissed.

From Boston.com:

“For me, you go through all stages of emotions, right?’’ said Neely, speaking on the phone from Edmonton, where the Bruins will face the Oilers Wednesday night in the thick of a fast-failing five-game road trip. “You go through this whole range of feelings when things aren’t going well. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve had some anger tossed in there. And now, for the first time, I’ve landed on disappointed.’’

“So what this is about for me is the remainder of the season and then moving forward past the season,’’ said Neely, when asked the standard array of possible moves, be it on the playing roster, coaching staff, or among front office personnel. “I have to look short-term and long-term. Whatever we look at has to make sense for both. I don’t think we’re interested in sacrificing the future for the immediate.’’

“I’ve been frustrated at times in the past,’’ he acknowledged, “but for the most part our team’s compete and effort level has always been there. So, yeah, I’ve not been to the ‘disappointed’ stage before.

“Given the expectation of the team, the expectation of what we have of individual players . . . we aren’t where we should be. The fans here deserved more than what they’ve received.’’

So, it doesn’t get specific on what the team is going to do. They’re not going to sacrifice the future for the now, but are they going to do anything?

I’ve been championing the Fire Chiarelli call to arms for several months now. His inability to make any moves over the last several months has really cemented my position. Like Theo Epstein, he’s too in love with his own guys. He won’t break up the team at all because he’s too in love with “his guys” or he’s paid “his guys” too much money and they have immovable contracts.

Joe Haggerty posted the other day the possibility of trading Chara. I say they pull the trigger on that move and start blowing up the team. You’d be able to bring back good value and possibly get a top four defenseman and a wing in exchange for him.

If they’re not willing to trade Chara then I say trade Tuukka. Either him or Chara will free up some serious cap space. And I would trade Lucic as well. If they demand is so high for his services everywhere else in the league, trade him. Preferably out west so when he loses his cement hands and is notching 40 goals a year, we don’t have to see him.

Like the failing Red Sox from the last few years and the post-title big three Celtics this team needs to be blown up. Start from scratch. You have a decent core with depth down the middle but outside that, you need to admit failure and hit the reset button. Enough is enough.

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February 18, 2015 · 7:01 AM

Gagne In The Mix


When your season starts 1-3 and you managed just four goals in those games, I guess you make moves sooner than maybe you wanted.

Enter Simon Gagne on a one year $600K contract.

Now I think he has the potential to help. But I view his contributions to the team like Gronk with the Pats, it’ll be for a few games and then the inevitable injury/breakdown is going to happen.

I hope that Chiarelli pulls his head out of his ass and makes a big move prior to the deadline. Like they were saying on the radio yesterday, enough with the guy being a “Bruins type player”. How about a wing that can just score at will. If he’s not an awesome defender, oh well.

Take a look at what Gagne used to be.

It would be awesome if the Bruins signed him from six years ago but that’s not how it works.

Hopefully he can spark the offense. If not, I’m moving more and more towards a Celtics blow it up mindset. Not saying for the B’s to tank the season, but make a blockbuster star player for star player trade. Ship Lucic out west for a younger scorer that doesn’t have cement hands.

We’ll see if Gagne dresses tonight and can contribute in Detroit.

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Bruins Canadiens Hockey

Remember the days when Lucic would fight? What about the days when he’d score goals? What about hitting people?

Like Buckwheat says, those sure was the good ol’ days.

Now Lucic doesn’t hit, score, or fight. Totally worth the $4.25 million the Bruins are paying him. So Chiarelli is up against the cap and needs to trade a player in order to have some flexibility (how about not paying third and fourth line guys $3 million a year for starters) I’d like to take the controversial position of trading Lucic.

Three years ago it’s a thought that wouldn’t even have entered our heads, but as his uselessness increases and the team isn’t winning championships, I get more and more comfortable with the idea of moving him.

Now, I don’t want the team to trade him for two prospects and a draft pick, I’d like a straight player for player type trade where the guy coming back has a more manageable contract, or gets similar money but produces.

Lucic has developed hands like cinder blocks. Which I suppose if he was still fighting would be a good thing but he doesn’t do that anymore so cinder block hands when the center is feeding you the puck makes you useless. He’s also out of shape. He showed up after the lock out fat and has been carrying extra weight ever since. Which makes me think he’s lazy and doesn’t care.

Again, three years ago the thought wouldn’t have entered our minds but now I’m comfortable with the idea of moving on from him. Every team supposedly wants a “Lucic style” player on their team, how about the original?

Once again he won’t be ready for camp this year nursing a wrist injury that put him in a cast all summer. Enjoy Vancouver or wherever else out west Chiarelli can move you to. The cult hero act has worn thin on me and I think you’re just an overpaid underperformer.

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Huge Disappointment


We said yesterday, don’t come out flat. The Bruins listened and didn’t come out flat. Unfortunately it didn’t help them as Carey Price stayed hot, they continued to ring shots off the post, and their Vezina caliber goaltender couldn’t steal one for them.

So where do the Bruins go from here?

I can tell you after the vanishing act the last two post seasons, I’m OK if they want to trade Marchand. His act has grown tired and I’m really all set with him.

There was talk late in the season on bringing Iginla back. I say if the deal is cheap enough fine. But not another $4 million deal. Not worth it.

I don’t want to go too crazy considering they did win the President’s Trophy, but I don’t know if they’re built for a run. Seidenberg there or not. Remember, him and Chara looked old last post season.

It’ll be interesting to find out who was playing with what. Chara clearly was hurt. And I hope Krejci was too given his disappearing act too.

I’m not using injuries as an excuse, I just think a 100% Bruins team beats a Canadiens team handily.

Here’s hoping Chiarelli has some magic left.

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Nice Bounce Back Late


It looked dire.

For the second straight game the Bruins were down in the third and Montreal added a goal making it 3-1. I took to FB asking what else was on TV and my wife questioned if I was going to be OK.

Then a fortuitous bounce of the puck made it 3-2. Another fortuitous bounce and the game was tied.

Glad I didn’t change the channel.

Riley Smith stuffed home the go ahead goal, which was followed up by Lucic’s trademark empty netter. A 3-1 deficit turned into a 5-3 victory.

Three goals in a little over five minutes. Four goals in the period. It was like Claude punched someone in the mouth on the bench and the team woke up.

Now we wait. Scheduling conflicts with two bands I’ve never heard of mean the Bruins don’t play till tomorrow night and then again on Thursday. When I can usually enjoy the NFL draft (which I loathe on a Thursday in May) I’ll be watching hockey instead. I figure the game will end right around the time the Pats trade away their pick (but more on that tomorrow).

I think if the Bruins sleepwalk through the first two periods expecting to turn it on in the third in Montreal, they’ll be disappointed with the outcome. Keep your composure, don’t get called on stupid penalties, but come out swinging and keep hitting.

We’ll see tomorrow.

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Speaking of Shaking Things Up


Well to take a break from the Sox and Celtics let’s visit the other team that plays in the Garden. The Bruins basically brought back their entire Stanley Cup winning team only to see them get ousted in the first round of the playoffs. So there has to be some change, right?

What was my biggest criticism of Theo Epstein? His man crushes.

It seems that Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has his own man crushes. To the point that he doesn’t want to shake up the roster too much. He doesn’t want to lose one of “his guys”.

I’ll admit that part of the issue is Claude’s coaching. He has the guys all play in his system. But if you let guys like Lucic or Seguin off the leash, would you have a 40 or 50 goal scorer on the team?

I bring this up because Bobby Ryan’s name has been floated in the rumor mill again. He’s a winger for the Ducks who I think would add instant scoring to your offense. He’d likely improve your dreadful power play as well.

Ryan wouldn’t cost you a Hamilton or Seguin the way a Rick Nash would. He’d likely only cost you a Krejci or Lucic. As much as I like both guys, I’m pulling the trigger on it today if Anaheim says yes.

Krejci is good and makes the guys on the team better. But I think you need to trade something to get something and his contract works perfect with Ryan’s.

If you’re not going to deal for Nash (I’m not trading Seguin) you should really look at Ryan. I think he’d shake up the scoring funk. Well, hope he would anyways. He could come to the team and become another Claude drone in the system.

Bottom line. The Bruins as constructed I don’t think can win the East right now. So to quote Da Guy, Shake It Up!!!

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