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2008 Predictions

Why not put some stuff out there and see if it sticks in ’08. I’ll hit the expected, the unexpected and the crazy.

January 2008 – The Celtics continue to roll through the regular season and finish January with an amazing 14-1 record. The Red Sox acquire Johan Santana from the Twins for Coco, Lester and two minor leaguers. The Pats whip the Jags and Colts at Gillette on their way to the Super Bowl

February 2008 – The Pats win the Super Bowl over the Cowboys 48-10, Tom Brady wins the NFL MVP as well as Super Bowl MVP. The Celtics continue to dominate the NBA going an 12-1 losing in double overtime to Phoenix in their only loss.

March-April 2008 – The C’s end their regular season at 73-9 beating the Bulls single season record wins record and are still not the favorite to win the NBA Finals. The Bruins fail to make the playoffs, again, prompting outrage from the remaining 8 fans. The Red Sox, despite having half the team sick with Asian flu, manage to sweep in Tokyo  and run off 12 straight wins to start the season. The team is boosted by Curt Schilling showing up to camp at 200 pounds and pitching like a Cy Young candidate instead of an old man.

May-June 2008 – The Celtics push the NBA Finals to a seventh game and win their 17th Championship against a heavily favored Spurs team. Kevin Garnett is named league MVP and Ray Allen who averaged 30 points a game gets the Finals MVP. The Pats let go of Dante Stallworth and draft James Laurinaitis (LB Ohio State and son of former WWF Road Warrior Animal) with their top 8 pick. The Red Sox now with a 10 game lead in the AL East are encouraged by the incredible rookie season being put on by Jacoby Ellsbury who has solidified the lead off spot in the line up and played an amazing center field.

July 2008 – The Red Sox send Youk, Lowell, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Manny, Tek and the surprising JD Drew (.330 12HR 24Doubles 76 RBI) to the All Star game along with pitchers Schilling, Beckett, Pablemania and Oaky-Doakie. Santana who’s having a fantastic first season for the Sox is left off the team and Francona is chastised in the media for the decision.

August 2008 – Following a draft day deal that sent back up quarterback Matt Cassell to Detroit for a 6th round pick, Matt Gutierrez shines in the Patriots preseason games. Randy Moss, having signed a four year extension in the off season is psyched up for the coming year and “wants a ring for every year of the contract.” The Red Sox continue to roll and have a comfortable lead in the AL East and are on pace to finish with over 100 wins.

September – October 2008 – The Sox finish the regular season with 103 wins and are set to play the Indians in the ALDS as the Tigers face off against the Angels. The Sox are pushed to five games by the Indians but win the 5th game in a nine inning shut out by Josh Beckett. The Sox then catch fire and sweep the Tigers on route to sweeping the Dodgers in the World Series. The Pats have won their first 8 games extending their regular season winning streak to 26 games.

November 2008 – The Celtics open the season with 7 straight wins and the Patriots haven’t lost a game all season. Josh Beckett gets his Cy Young award and Manny is named MVP. Boston is now the most hated sports region in the country and ESPN has officially renamed it Titletown despite the fact that the Bruins have yet to win a Stanley Cup since 1972.

December 2008 – The Patriots lose a heartbreaker in Miami and finish the season at 15-1. The Red Sox exercise the option on Manny’s contract and are in talks with the city of Boston for a complete renovation of Fenway Park in which a third deck will be added and the capacity will be raised by 10,000. The Celtics are picking up where they left off and show no signs of letting up.

Crazy talk? Maybe. But hey, this is my fantasy and following our great 2007, it could happen.



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Welcome Back Mike Lowell

We as fans hear “it’s not about money” all the time from athletes and a majority of the time it’s an outright lie. Enter Mike Lowell, who has said all along that he likes Boston, his wife likes the area and they wanted to stay in Boston. Well as late as Sunday night the Phillies, who said they weren’t pursuing Lowell, had a conference call with Lowell, manager Charlie Manuel and GM Pat Gillick. They offered Lowell a four year $50 Million deal. At that point the Sox had a three year $36 Million on the table:

LowellP Hello Theo, Mike Lowell here, Philly just offered me four years at $50 Million

Theo Sorry Mike, I know the fans love you, but I can’t go four years.

LowellP How about you bump it up a little on the three. Say an extra $1.5 Million per

Theo Shouldn’t your agent be making these calls for you?

LowellP Haven’t me and the Mrs. made is clear, we want to stay in Boston. Throw me a bone here

Theo Well, I should really talk to Uncle Larry, but how about 3 years $37.5 Million?

LowellP Done.

Mr. 38 Potato Pancakes already chimed in on the subject and is ecstatic that Mikey’s back with the Sox and so am I. Gay-Rod gets his pay day in New York saying he has unfinished business with the Spanks. Yeah, unfinished business getting knocked from the playoffs with your paltry .267 average this past post season with one RBI and is hit-less in his last 18 play-off at bats with runners in scoring position. To boot, this scum bag got another $1.5 Million for winning the MVP, be grateful post season doesn’t count, Gay Rod the Anti-Clutch.


Mike Lowell (3 years $37.5 Million)

Regular season

Avg HR RBI Runs SB






Post Season 

Avg HR RBI Runs SB







Gay-Rod Purple Lipstick (10 years $275 Million)

Regular Season:

Avg HR RBI Runs SB






Post Season:

Avg HR RBI Runs SB






So for more than double the money you get pretty much double the home runs and RBI’s and an absolute dud in the postseason. I’ll take Lowell and let Papi and Manny get me the extra home runs and RBI’s. Welcome back Mikey.

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