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Falling Fast


I was a little late getting the game turned on yesterday afternoon. And when I did it was 3-1 Tampa Bay at the start of the second period. Like a car crash I continued to watch as Tuukka was pulled and they went down 4-1.

I’m not blowing taps on the trumpet yet on this season, but the horn is out of its case. 10 games left, only four at home, and they’re playing teams they lose to down the stretch. Not a good combo.

Even if they sneak into the playoffs I think they’re a one and done team (yes again). They’ve showed no consistency at all this year.

So listening to sports radio, one of the guys was arguing that you give Peter Chiarelli the chance this off-season to right his wrongs. Let him untangle the mess the team is in and rebuild the roster over the summer.

How about no.

He’s done nothing to try and improve the team since they won the Cup. He’s traded away young, albeit immature, talent for cents on the dollar. If the Seigun trade didn’t seal his fate in most people’s minds the Boychuk trade absolutely did. If that’s not enough, look at his inept drafting ability. They’ve hit on nothing.

So I vote to can the GM and I also vote to can the head coach. Sorry Claude. The team can’t trade all 23 guys on the roster and you can’t coach the guys they have.

So overhaul what you can on the roster (like my unpopular trading Lucic idea), clean up the cap, and install a new system that somehow manufactures offense. What’s there now isn’t cutting it.

It’s going to be a long month as they limp to the finish and their April tee times (thanks Joe).


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Another Defenseman Down


So first it was Miller and his shoulder on 10/20. Four days later the team lost their captain, Zdeno Chara, to a PCL injury on 10/24. Now the team has lost Torey Krug to a broken finger and he’ll miss 2-3 weeks.

Three of your top six defenseman out for significant time in basically a week’s time. How’s that Boychuk trade looking now?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Now, does the team’s priority shift from wing to defense? I say yes, but that’s only because I think that if you bring in a good enough defenseman then you don’t have to worry about rushing people back. And when they’re all healthy you can sit guys on the regular so they’re not gassed come playoff time.

Really how many more Bartkowski getting beat goals do we have to see this season?

Bottom line is Chiarelli shouldn’t have traded Boychuk. It’s like Ainge trading Perkins all over again. When he put Savard on long term IR, it created almost enough cap flexibility that you could have made it work when the season started. Sure you wouldn’t have extra space to get a wing, but you could’ve figured that out later.

He screwed the pooch and now the team is really suffering because of it.

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Gagne Waiting


I had mentioned over the summer that Simon Gagne getting an invite to Bruins camp completely went under my radar. I really had no idea that he was still in the game. All I knew was that you could sign him in NHL 14 last year and he lit up the lamp a lot for me.

Well, following a year out of hockey he’s had a decent camp with the Bruins. They haven’t signed him to a contract but he’s on the team building trip up in Vermont. So all indications are that he will make the team.

I guess the question on my mind and I’m sure lots of other people’s is; does he have enough to get through the whole season?

The Bruins are already thin at the wing position (more right than left). If you’re going to put any eggs in the Gagne basket don’t you need assurances or at least peace of mind that he’s not going to break down?

I know the Boychuk trade (which I don’t like) freed up some cap room, but I don’t want Chiarelli going to town on a Gagne deal either. Something simple like league minimum salary and then incentives for games played and a deep playoff run. Don’t get put in cap jail like you did with the Iginla deal. The team is still paying Iginla this year even though he’s signed with Colorado.

I expect an announcement before tomorrow. I just hope Chiarelli isn’t stupid about it. And I hope that Gagne has a lot in the tank and proves he’s still a top six guy.

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A Win For The Critics

I started it yesterday. I started with my own criticisms of a defending Stanley Cup Champion team that had come out of the gate 3-7. I started the grumblings of firing Claude again. I criticized the system and how it’s a defense system and guys are being realized to their full potential etc.

So of course what do the Bruins do, they go out and lay a five spot on one of the hottest teams in the NHL coming into last night. Ottawa had won six straight coming into last night’s game and of course the Bruins struggles have been well documented coming in as well losing their last three.

This game started out the way so many others have this season with the Bruins going down early. They managed to tie the game on a…wait for it…you’re not going to believe me….wait a little more…you ready…a power play goal. Hold the applause. Yes, the Bruins scored a power play goal. I’m as shocked as you. Of course they coughed up the go ahead goal right after. I mean like right after, like 16 seconds after.

But where they laid down most of the season to this point and didn’t fight back, they fought back last night. Seguin had a beautiful feed to Bergeron to tie the game and with two minutes left in the second Chris Kelly put the Bruins ahead.

So the Bruins found themselves in a position not too familiar this season with a lead heading into the third period. A lead that would be given up again just five minutes in. You had to wonder at this point if we were going to see more of the same or if they still had some fight left in them.

They proved to have some fight left as Johnny Boychuk scored the go ahead lead a little over a minute later and Daniel Paille added the insurance goal just 30 seconds later.

Bruins hang on and beat the Senators 5-3.

With the team coming out of the gate as slow as they have, names have swirled as possible trades are identified. There are the blockbuster type deals where people are ready for Krejci to be dealt so Seguin can be your top line center. Personally I’m not ready to make that deal. Others have mentioned Lucic. I’m a little more inclined to move his contract as his hype and ability seem to be in two different classes.

It was interesting that Boychuk had what proved to be the game winning goal. His name has also been mentioned in these conversations. His contract is very movable. Likely the team would get back a similar player (underachieving defenseman) so Chiarelli would have to question the risk of shaking up the chemistry in shaking up the roster.

Like I said yesterday, let’s give it another 10 games before we start shaking up the roster, firing the coach etc. Even though we know that teams in the cellar on Halloween rarely make the playoffs, I’m still willing to give it another 10 games before I start making roster changes etc.

Back tomorrow with who knows what. Stay tuned.

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You Must Chill

Before the bandwagon fans all decide to jump ship after one game – one road game – John Cusack has some advise for you:

Are we chilled?


So I missed the first period because I was in the studio laying down tracks for the new band I’m in. Peaked your interest yet? Well, check out this link. We’re playing a couple gigs in July so come on out and check out the band.

Like I said, I missed the first period. I got in the car pretty much after the first period intermission had wrapped and my hour and a half (or so) ride home was accompanied by Dave Goucher and Bob Beers on 98.5 The Sports Hub. Groucher calls an excellent game on the radio. It was if he was setting up the highlights they’d be playing the next day on every scoring opportunity and when Thomas made his saves it was as if he was saving the entire game.

I got home as they dropped the puck in the third period. Finally some TV. Already I missed the radio calls. I don’t like the national NBC guys. They may be good at their job but I’m used to “New” Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley. Those are the guys I want calling my hockey game.

The game stayed scoreless through the third period including an amazing save by Tim Thomas on a breakaway. After that save I thought it was the Bruins game to lose. They would just need to get that one goal, like in game seven against the Lightning, and they’d seal the deal.

Well, that didn’t happen. Just like game seven could have been either team’s game this really was anyone’s game. The Bruins penalty kill was very successful including a power plays in the second that had them down two men (even if it was for 8 seconds). But with 18 seconds, or so, left in the game the Bruins gave it away.

Of course it’s my blog and my opinion so I’m going to blame the goal on Boychuck. Trying to clear the zone the puck got away from him and was intercepted by Kesler who fed Hansen who fed Raffi Torres who beat Thomas for the game’s only goal. Bruins lose 1-0 and go down 1-0 in the series.

Again, it’s only one game. So chill out. Don’t lose faith yet. This is the exact kind of game the Bruins should be successful with. They just need to find a way to beat Luongo.

I guess the good news from yesterday is that it’s being reported by the Japanese media that Dice-K will need Tommy John surgery. Sayonara Dice-K.

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Excited Doesn’t Begin To Describe

Friday night I went out to dinner around seven. We ate in the bar on the off chance it took longer than an hour and we didn’t want to miss any of the Bruins game. The Red Sox game was on, we saw Francona get ejected, all of a sudden it was hockey time.

The puck dropped and we watched a team fight to keep their playoff run alive. Unfortunately that team fighting for their playoff lives was the Red Wings not the Flyers. Yup, the Herald said the game was on Versus so the bartender put the TV on Versus to see the Red Wings, who dropped the puck at 7PM, up 3-1.

“Um, that’s not the Bruins.”

After some playing with the satellite we found the Bruins game on NESN under the listing of Twins vs. Red Sox. Thankfully the puck hadn’t even dropped when we tuned in. But since we were done we grabbed the check and I relied on my cell phone and the radio to get me home.

I followed on the cell to a 1-0 Bruins lead and actually got in the car as the first period expired. When they dropped the puck on the second period I was home and glued to the couch. Well, to the edge of the couch anyways. After the second period saw the Flyers tie the game I was hoping that the Bruins starting the third on a power play would equal a goal.

We had to wait till after the power play was over to see Johnny Boychuk score just over two minutes into the third period. That calmed me down. I wasn’t comfortable but calmer than I was at 1-1. When Lucic scored with about five minutes left in the period I was completely calm.

Then Philly did what many would argue they should have done all series, they pulled their goalie. Marchand and Paille (who stole the goal from Campbell) scored empty net goals and I did what I’ve done all postseason. I went to Facebook and posted:

“Wooooooooooooooooo!!! Conference Finals!!!!!”

So excited but that really doesn’t even begin to describe it, like the headline says. The last time the Bruins were there was 1992. Do you know what I remember about that? That I ended up having to wear a Penguins hat because I bet a guy that the Bruins would beat the Pens.

Now the Bruins sit and wait for the Western Conference semis to complete so they can start their conference finals series with Tampa. They’ll start it at least without Bergeron meaning that rookie Tyler Seguin will likely dress. I don’t expect him to just replace Bergeron on that line. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Seeing Is Believing!

0-3 the last three years in game sevens. In fact they haven’t won a game seven since 1994 (that’s almost 20 years!). You’d think the odds need to play in their favor at some point right? Well, I’ll believe it when I see it.
-Jay’s Sports Blog 04/27/10

It was an intense watch last night. To the point that the wife said, “I can’t watch. If we watch, they’re going to lose.” That was the correct mentality coming into last night. After all, like it says above, they hadn’t won a game seven since 1994.

The Bruins went out to a quick 2-0 lead. Boychuk and Recchi both got on the board within just about the first five minutes of the game. More importantly the Bruins were playing with urgency. They looked to have “heaaaaaaaaaaht” and didn’t seem to want to let up.

Well, Montreal got on the board while Michael Ryder was in the penalty box and cut the lead in half with about 10 minutes left in the period. The Bruins held on for the rest of the period even after an elbowing call on Shawn Thornton where he didn’t even elbow (WTF?) had the Bruins shorthanded.

Montreal tied the game in the second and set up the Bruins season to come down to the final 20 minutes. Many of my friends on Facebook were openly praying that this wouldn’t be the end of the Bruins season. I actually posted “Wake me when it’s over.” Talk about stressful.

Then Chris Kelly, the center the B’s got from Ottawa after Savard was shut down for the season, gave the Bruins a 3-2 lead. I was literally holding my breath.

Then, yet another, “questionable” penalty against the Bruins (I use questionable so I’m not swearing in my post) had the Bruins playing shorthanded again. It was on this powerplay that the Canadiens tied it again. This time with only about two minutes left in the game.

I can’t handle this!

After Tuesday’s loss I ad feared that Lucic was going to be suspended last night. My first thought was the fact that if he did was it really a big deal? He had no points so far this postseason. In fact it could be argued that he had basically coasted through the final month of the season and continued that coast in the playoffs.

Well, it’s a good thing he wasn’t suspended because he was on the ice and assisted Nathan Horton on the…GAME WINNING GOAL!!! The Bruins got the monkey off their back, sent the rival Canadiens home, and now get Philadelphia in the second round for the second year in a row. How’s that Wideman trade looking now? Even better than it has all season.

I have revenge on the mind and hope that the Bruins do as well. Puck drops Saturday at 3PM in Philly. I can’t wait!

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