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A Clarification


I feel the need to clarify a little something about this year’s Bruins team.

I wanted them to win, and I wanted them to be in the playoffs.

“But Jay, most of your columns were about wanting the Bruins to lose. Could you clarify?”


See, in order for change to happen with the Bruins, there needs to be catastrophe. It’s a shame that it’s come to this but had the team made the playoffs and advanced a round (which I didn’t think was going to happen) they would have probably saved everyone’s jobs.

Chiarelli would have got the team to the playoffs again. Had them advance out of the first round again. And if somehow the team had forced a game seven in their second round loss, he could have pointed to just a couple of puck bounces away from the Conference Finals again.

Julien would be lauded for his sticktoitiveness with the Chris Kellys and Daniel Pailles on the team. Meanwhile burying guys like Ryan Spooner and David Pastrňák up on the ninth floor because they turned over the puck once in practice in October.

The culture around the Bruins needed to be changed and the only way change was going to be affected was with their collapse down the stretch and them missing the playoffs.

Now the real question looming is, do the Jacobs have the balls to do a complete overhaul? Will they eat Claude’s deal? Will they eat Chiarelli’s money? Or is this simply a reincarnation of the Harry Sinden ear where we’re going to be saddled with Chiarelli for a long, long time?

Hopefully these questions are answered sooner than later. Personally, I’m sick of the Claude/Chiarelli combo and would welcome new blood even if it means a down year for the club. Long term future success is worth it.

Here’s hoping the Jacobs have the balls to pull the trigger and the new GM can also pull the trigger and overhaul this team.


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Falling Fast


I was a little late getting the game turned on yesterday afternoon. And when I did it was 3-1 Tampa Bay at the start of the second period. Like a car crash I continued to watch as Tuukka was pulled and they went down 4-1.

I’m not blowing taps on the trumpet yet on this season, but the horn is out of its case. 10 games left, only four at home, and they’re playing teams they lose to down the stretch. Not a good combo.

Even if they sneak into the playoffs I think they’re a one and done team (yes again). They’ve showed no consistency at all this year.

So listening to sports radio, one of the guys was arguing that you give Peter Chiarelli the chance this off-season to right his wrongs. Let him untangle the mess the team is in and rebuild the roster over the summer.

How about no.

He’s done nothing to try and improve the team since they won the Cup. He’s traded away young, albeit immature, talent for cents on the dollar. If the Seigun trade didn’t seal his fate in most people’s minds the Boychuk trade absolutely did. If that’s not enough, look at his inept drafting ability. They’ve hit on nothing.

So I vote to can the GM and I also vote to can the head coach. Sorry Claude. The team can’t trade all 23 guys on the roster and you can’t coach the guys they have.

So overhaul what you can on the roster (like my unpopular trading Lucic idea), clean up the cap, and install a new system that somehow manufactures offense. What’s there now isn’t cutting it.

It’s going to be a long month as they limp to the finish and their April tee times (thanks Joe).

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Bruins Limping Home


With losses to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and St Louis the B’s limped into Chicago on Sunday afternoon. Limped in without their top line center and if I were a betting man, I would have bet the house on the Blackhawks.

But somehow the team overcame the adversity and routed the Blackhawks 6-2.

This win quieted the #FireChiarelli and #FireClaude trends on Twitter. Quieted but didn’t silence completely.

In fact, reports have surfaced that both men are in jeopardy of losing their jobs. And for all that they’ve seen eye to eye for years, that may be breaking too. The report out now is that “management” wanted Subban starting against the Blues not Julien. So that could mean Cam, but if it was Chiarelli that could represent one of the few rifts the coach and GM have had.

At this point, personally, I want them both gone. Claude’s system doesn’t let the good players off the leash enough to provide offense. And god forbid a rookie makes a mistake; he’ll be in Claude’s doghouse worse than a Patriot with a fumbling problem.

Chiarelli screwed the pooch with the cap. As I’ve stressed repeatedly; he’s in love with his guys. So he won’t trade anyone because he thinks they’re all too important. Never mind the fact that the team is four years older than the last time they won a Cup. They’re his guys and he doesn’t want to break up the band. Sure Shawn Thornton and the like can be replaced but god forbid a top six guy get moved.

They need to bite the bullet and blow it all up. They may not be able to at the trade deadline, but they certainly can this summer with new management and coaching in place.

Here’s hoping that Jacobs and Neely have the balls to pull it off.

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Stay Of Execution?

Yesterday I ripped Claude Julien and predicted that the Bruins would lose last night and he would be fired. The Bruins won the first of their three game home stand and may have bought Claude a little extra time. The Bruins welcome Montreal to the Garden on Thursday and if they have a bad loss to the Canadiens like last time they faced each other, I’m saying that’s the end of Claude.

The Bruins beat a bad New Jersey team. The Devils are 9 points out of the last playoff spot in the East. They’ve had a terrible season when many expected them to be a contender after re-signing Ilya Kovalchuk during the off-season.

Writers (myself included) that praised this team after the west coast swing are now eulogizing the team. Following the seven straight wins they went on to drop six of seven before last night’s win.

Side note. How old do you think Martin Brodeur is? I had to look it up since I remember him playing as far back as 1994 (more specifically NHL 94 on my Super Nintendo). Turns out he first appeared in the NHL in the ’91-’92 season when he was 19 years old. He’s 38 and will be 39 in May.

So a 4-1 win over a bad team shouldn’t have you rushing to your closet to get your Bruins pj’s. The true test will be on Thursday when they play the Canadiens like I said. The Bruins have a three point advantage in the standings as of this morning with their win and a Montreal loss last night. They can extend that to five on Thursday and at this point in the season really have to step it up and squash the Canadiens.

Like I said, if they don’t, I’d sack Julien and take my chances with someone else at the helm for the remaining games and the playoffs. A coach that is more like Pat Burns who will punch a player in the face to get the team afraid of his wrath. All indications I’m reading and listening to say that won’t happen but that’s what I would do.

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Yes They Should

I was going for the Carson-esque headline today based on the above skit when Carson played Carnac the Magnificant.

A: Yes they should
Q: Should the Bruins fire Claude Julien

Let me first start by saying if you’re truly a Bruins fan, like bleeding black and gold, you should bookmark the Stanley Cup of Chowder. These guys are awesome. They’re a site that I’ll forget about for a while but after a loss I’ll wander over and find gems like this one from Saturday:

After being yanked in the second period, Tim Thomas was back in net for the third period. Putting Thomas back in to a 5-1 game may have made sense to Claude Julien, but I was completely baffled by it.


The Bruins continued to struggle on the power play tonight. The Bruins were 0 for 2 with the man advantage. A Bruins power play is like a date with a Mormon girl: lots of passes, but no scoring.

But the reason I found them after last Saturday’s loss was that I Googled “Fire Claude Julien” and one of the top sites that came back was them. It was exactly one year to the date on Saturday that they’d posted that the Bruins should fire Claude Julien. A year later, I’m fully on board.

Look, the firing should have happened last spring before the Bruins even went into the playoffs. But they stood by their guns and Claude looked to be helming a team that could go deep into the playoffs after the first round. Then the biggest choke job in recent hockey history was the green light they needed. He should have been fired that Saturday morning. The Herald and Globe should have both had headlines saying “Au Revoir Claude”.

But they stayed with him. After the six game swing out west that saw the Bruins beat the Canucks everyone was on board the bandwagon. Yet since then the Bruins are crashing and burning. Losing six of their last seven (their lone win a shootout against Columbus) including the drubbing to Toronto on Saturday night is enough.

I point to the New Jersey Devils in 2000 when they sacked Robbie Ftorek with eight games left in the season and went on to win the Stanley Cup. The Bruins attempted the same move with Ftorek in 2003 and lost to the Devils in the first round of the playoffs. If the Bruins lose to the Devils tonight I’m all in on firing Julien (in case you haven’t noticed by the tone of this column) and hope that Cam and Chiarelli are with me.

If you support the move, join the Facebook group.

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Year In Review: Bruins

Part four of four.

The year started off so wonderful for the Bruins. They were the national headline on New Years Day hosting the Winter Classic at Fenway Park. Of course it was probably the stupidest venue ever for a hockey game (face it, it sucks for a baseball game) with no good seats in the house with the exception of the commentators who had a little booth right above the ice.

The Bruins won the game and had many in the area on the bandwagon. The thing is, that was one of only three wins in January. They went on to lose 10 games in a row. They bounced back with four straight wins before the Olympic break but at that point many had the team written off. For all the momentum they built heading into the break they played .500 hockey in March and went 4-1-1 in April.

We all know what happened in the playoffs as they beat the Sabres 4-2 but after going up 3-0 against the Flyers they lost four games in a row and were eliminated from the playoffs.

Off the bandwagon again. The true hockey fans, were still on board knowing that the team had Toronto’s #1 pick (they do again in 2011 which is shaping up to be a lottery pick again) meaning that Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall were coming to the Bruins. The Bruins would benefit from whichever pick the Oilers didn’t take.

But before that the greatest trade for fans in recent memory was made. Call it addition by subtraction but I don’t know any Bruins fan that batted an eye when they heard Dennis Wideman, a 2010 first-round pick, a 2011 third-round draft pick were traded to Florida for Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell.

The Bruins followed that up by getting Tyler Seguin in the draft as the Oilers made Taylor Hall the #1 overall pick.

The team started their 2010-2011 season in Prague after playing a couple exhibition games in Ireland. They lost their opener to the Coyotes but started Tim Thomas in the second game of the season and from there it was Thomas’s job to lose as he carried the team in the early part of the season.

They wrapped 2010 at 20-11-5 and as of this morning, amazingly, are the #3 seed in the Eastern Conference. It’s a game at a time as to who’s sitting atop the Northeast Division but the Bruins are holding a three game league.

The team is very young but have the right mix of veteran leadership with guys like Recchi and Thornton in the dressing room. After last season saw them lose four straight and have to watch as the Flyers went to the Stanley Cup Finals you have to think that Bruins fans are really hungry for a Cup. Hell, now that Chicago has finally won, it’s the Bruins turn.

Personally I don’t think that’s going to come with the coach in place right now, but there’s the whole devil you know thing. Would you rather watch a Claude team try and do it the way they have or watch the team try to learn a whole new system with basically two months or so to put it into place?

I’m saying that 2011 will likely see the Bruins go to the Conference Finals where they’ll likely lose. This will lead to Julien actually being fired and then they can use that Toronto lottery pick to make next year, the year. Why do Bruins fans have to say that every year?

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Epic Fail

Which stat do we want to go with?

The first city to have a team come back from an 0-3 deficit as well as one to drop a 3-0 series lead?

How about only the third NHL team ever to drop a 3-0 series lead. The first one since 1975. That’s right, 35 fucking years.

What really sucks is that not only did they blow a 3-0 series lead, they actually blew a 3-0 lead in the fucking game.


You go out and get up 3-0 on the opponent and then just like the series, sit back and hope that’s enough for you to win the series. Guess it wasn’t because they failed to score again the rest of the game. Which of course led to this…

Now, I was very angry right after it happened. Like really pissed. Like I wrote on my Facebook:


Followed by:

“first town to have a team come back from 0-3 and give up a 3-0 lead. I would have thrown my fucking jersey on the ice after setting it ablaze”

Da Guy was quick to point out that I should have shit on it first.


Because that’s exactly what the Bruins did to their fans. Shit all over them.

So now the Bruins will go to the draft and get one of the phenoms that will “ignite the franchise”. Yet somehow in the back of my mind I’m thinking they’ll fuck it up. They seem to always fuck it up.

For starters though, fire Claude. Please. I beg you.

Fire Claude. Please.

At least we have the Celtics. Even without scoring a field goal in the final five minutes of the game, they still pulled off the win in Orlando. Hell yeah.

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