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A Clarification


I feel the need to clarify a little something about this year’s Bruins team.

I wanted them to win, and I wanted them to be in the playoffs.

“But Jay, most of your columns were about wanting the Bruins to lose. Could you clarify?”


See, in order for change to happen with the Bruins, there needs to be catastrophe. It’s a shame that it’s come to this but had the team made the playoffs and advanced a round (which I didn’t think was going to happen) they would have probably saved everyone’s jobs.

Chiarelli would have got the team to the playoffs again. Had them advance out of the first round again. And if somehow the team had forced a game seven in their second round loss, he could have pointed to just a couple of puck bounces away from the Conference Finals again.

Julien would be lauded for his sticktoitiveness with the Chris Kellys and Daniel Pailles on the team. Meanwhile burying guys like Ryan Spooner and David Pastrňák up on the ninth floor because they turned over the puck once in practice in October.

The culture around the Bruins needed to be changed and the only way change was going to be affected was with their collapse down the stretch and them missing the playoffs.

Now the real question looming is, do the Jacobs have the balls to do a complete overhaul? Will they eat Claude’s deal? Will they eat Chiarelli’s money? Or is this simply a reincarnation of the Harry Sinden ear where we’re going to be saddled with Chiarelli for a long, long time?

Hopefully these questions are answered sooner than later. Personally, I’m sick of the Claude/Chiarelli combo and would welcome new blood even if it means a down year for the club. Long term future success is worth it.

Here’s hoping the Jacobs have the balls to pull the trigger and the new GM can also pull the trigger and overhaul this team.


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Falling Fast


I was a little late getting the game turned on yesterday afternoon. And when I did it was 3-1 Tampa Bay at the start of the second period. Like a car crash I continued to watch as Tuukka was pulled and they went down 4-1.

I’m not blowing taps on the trumpet yet on this season, but the horn is out of its case. 10 games left, only four at home, and they’re playing teams they lose to down the stretch. Not a good combo.

Even if they sneak into the playoffs I think they’re a one and done team (yes again). They’ve showed no consistency at all this year.

So listening to sports radio, one of the guys was arguing that you give Peter Chiarelli the chance this off-season to right his wrongs. Let him untangle the mess the team is in and rebuild the roster over the summer.

How about no.

He’s done nothing to try and improve the team since they won the Cup. He’s traded away young, albeit immature, talent for cents on the dollar. If the Seigun trade didn’t seal his fate in most people’s minds the Boychuk trade absolutely did. If that’s not enough, look at his inept drafting ability. They’ve hit on nothing.

So I vote to can the GM and I also vote to can the head coach. Sorry Claude. The team can’t trade all 23 guys on the roster and you can’t coach the guys they have.

So overhaul what you can on the roster (like my unpopular trading Lucic idea), clean up the cap, and install a new system that somehow manufactures offense. What’s there now isn’t cutting it.

It’s going to be a long month as they limp to the finish and their April tee times (thanks Joe).

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Krejci to Long Term IR

David Krejčí

The debate on sports radio was do they or don’t they put David Krejci on the long term IR. The argument for was the freeing up of cap space, the argument against was that he’d only have two weeks to play in the regular season before the post season starts.

Also mixed into the salary cap part was the fact that the Bruins could add another four plus million in salary via trade and then activate Krejci for the post season. By doing it that way they’d circumvent the salary cap for the regular season and probably raise the ire of the NHL according to Cam Neely.

At this point, I think that Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien both should be fearful of losing their jobs. Claude because the players aren’t performing to their best, and Chiarelli for screwing the cap so badly as I’ve outlined previously.

So why wouldn’t Chiarelli screw the pooch with the cap and “raise the ire of the NHL”? I mean, if the team doesn’t make the playoffs he’s likely out of a job. So why not pull out all the stops? Why not add a few pieces that fill in that Krejci salary space and then activate him in the playoffs. Worst case scenario, you don’t make the playoffs and you’re fired anyways. Best case, you load up your roster for a potential run.

In both cases I don’t know who you’d replace them with. I’m so sick of the retreads in the NHL. Mike Millbury is a name being tossed around but his last coaching gig was almost 10 years ago as the Islanders coach. Not sure if he’s the answer in the “new” NHL.

Either way, the trade deadline is Monday. We better see something happen.

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Bruins Limping Home


With losses to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and St Louis the B’s limped into Chicago on Sunday afternoon. Limped in without their top line center and if I were a betting man, I would have bet the house on the Blackhawks.

But somehow the team overcame the adversity and routed the Blackhawks 6-2.

This win quieted the #FireChiarelli and #FireClaude trends on Twitter. Quieted but didn’t silence completely.

In fact, reports have surfaced that both men are in jeopardy of losing their jobs. And for all that they’ve seen eye to eye for years, that may be breaking too. The report out now is that “management” wanted Subban starting against the Blues not Julien. So that could mean Cam, but if it was Chiarelli that could represent one of the few rifts the coach and GM have had.

At this point, personally, I want them both gone. Claude’s system doesn’t let the good players off the leash enough to provide offense. And god forbid a rookie makes a mistake; he’ll be in Claude’s doghouse worse than a Patriot with a fumbling problem.

Chiarelli screwed the pooch with the cap. As I’ve stressed repeatedly; he’s in love with his guys. So he won’t trade anyone because he thinks they’re all too important. Never mind the fact that the team is four years older than the last time they won a Cup. They’re his guys and he doesn’t want to break up the band. Sure Shawn Thornton and the like can be replaced but god forbid a top six guy get moved.

They need to bite the bullet and blow it all up. They may not be able to at the trade deadline, but they certainly can this summer with new management and coaching in place.

Here’s hoping that Jacobs and Neely have the balls to pull it off.

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Shake It Up Already

milan lucic

I think the Bruins ownership and upper management has given the team more than enough leash this season. It’s great that Chiarelli is in love with his players to an almost Epstein-esque level but they’re not working out. With the whole team under-performing it’s time to take a page from Da Guy’s book and SHAKE IT UP.

Listening to Felger and Mazz on the way home last night and it doesn’t sound like I’m the only one that thinks so. They floated names like Marchand, Lucic, Kelly, Eriksson, Soderberg. With the coveted name coming back, Taylor Hall from Edmonton.

Joe Haggs over on CSSNE floated a scenario of Chris Kelly, Loui Eriksson, Malcolm Subban, Adam McQuaid and draft picks for Hall. But mentioned that the Oilers really want Lucic or Hamilton back in a deal.

Krejci’s name has been mentioned and even Tuukka’s name has been floated.

I’m OK with all of it.

This team wasn’t good enough to win a Stanley Cup two years ago. They’re not any better than they were, in fact they’re worse and playing even worse than that.

I say you go big. Take a risk. Shake up this failing dumpster fire of a roster and get some new blood in there.

Of course they’ll likely do nothing, be a fringe playoff team, and get ousted in the first round. Maybe that will cost Chiarelli or Claude their jobs. Maybe that’ll wake up this team, right in time for next season.

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Huge Disappointment


We said yesterday, don’t come out flat. The Bruins listened and didn’t come out flat. Unfortunately it didn’t help them as Carey Price stayed hot, they continued to ring shots off the post, and their Vezina caliber goaltender couldn’t steal one for them.

So where do the Bruins go from here?

I can tell you after the vanishing act the last two post seasons, I’m OK if they want to trade Marchand. His act has grown tired and I’m really all set with him.

There was talk late in the season on bringing Iginla back. I say if the deal is cheap enough fine. But not another $4 million deal. Not worth it.

I don’t want to go too crazy considering they did win the President’s Trophy, but I don’t know if they’re built for a run. Seidenberg there or not. Remember, him and Chara looked old last post season.

It’ll be interesting to find out who was playing with what. Chara clearly was hurt. And I hope Krejci was too given his disappearing act too.

I’m not using injuries as an excuse, I just think a 100% Bruins team beats a Canadiens team handily.

Here’s hoping Chiarelli has some magic left.

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Do Or Die

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins - Game One

In recent history we’ve been here too many times and we’re not even playing the games. Imagine how the Bruins players feel.

Tonight is game seven against the Canadiens. A date that hasn’t been kind to the Bruins.

May 14th 2009 they lost game seven against Carolina. The following year they lost game seven to Philadelphia after being up 3-0 in the series. Hell, even in 2011 they lost to Tampa Bay.

So the date hasn’t been kind to them.

Some of their best players have been sleepwalking through the series on offense and defense, oh and their goaltender has had flashes of greatness followed up by moments of complete ineptitude.

I don’t know what’s going to play out tonight but my biggest concern is effort. If they’re trying, I think the Bruins will win. If the sleepwalk through the first period I think it might be too late.

We’ll see.

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May 14, 2014 · 4:40 AM