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A-Rod Is Still An Assclown


I still remember Valentine’s Day 2004 like it was yesterday. The Sox had all but completed a deal for A-Rod and Maglio Ordonez in exchange for Manny to the Rangers and Nomar to the White Sox. It fell through and the Yankees sent Alfonso Soriano and a bucket of balls to Texas for A-Rod.

The Red Sox dodged a bullet there.

They’ve won three World Series titles in the time the Yankees won one, and A-Rod has been nothing but a lightning rod of controversy.

His divorce, his cheating, the steroid, other PEDs, his invisibility in the playoffs, and on and on.

Now yesterday he left his appeal hearing calling it “fucking bullshit” the Uncle Bud Selig doesn’t have to testify as part of the hearing.

I’m no a-Rod sympathizer but I would love to hear what Bud has to say. I mean, from everything we’ve read there’s no failed test. Sure there’s mountains of circumstantial evidence against Rodriguez but no failed test.

Again, I’m just happy the Sox dodged the bullet on that one and he’s the Yankees problem.



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A-Rod Gets Drilled; Sox Lose

We all thought the drilling was going to happen on Saturday. We all thought Lackey was going to drill A-Rod. We had to wait till Sunday night. Dempster threw behind him, inside twice, then plunked him on the elbow.


But the Sox were only up two. In the second.

If you really want to drill him, you wait till you’re up a half a dozen late in a game. Then plunk him. Because leading off the second, he ended up scoring and your lead vanished.

The Sox ended up dropping two of three this weekend losing their third series in a row. Not good. Their division lead is shrunk down to one game as they head out west this week for series with the Giants and white hot Dodgers.

The one good thing is Puppet Ben listened to me and invented an injury for Napoli saying the Sox first baseman has plantar fasciitis. Perfect. Let him “rest it” for a week or so.

The team is eerily limping through August like they did two years ago. Sure they a likable team but losing is losing. If they don’t pull their heads out of their collective asses, they’ll miss the playoffs and alienate many fans they’ve fought to bring back.

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Suspensions Looming


As the Red Sox took two of three from Arizona over the weekend the big story across baseball was still Alex Rodriguez.

Rumors of his lifetime suspension seem to have faded and now it’s looking like a suspension for the remainder of 2013 and then all of 2014. Even with this rumor swirling the Yankees plan on having him in their lineup tonight.

A-Rod’s camp allegedly was trying to get the league, the Yankees, and Selig in a room with his attorneys to negotiate down his suspension. Friday his camp was pushing for a 50 game suspension like everyone else. The issue is that A-Rod bribed people and tried to have evidence destroyed. There’s no indication anyone did.

Saturday his camp moved off the 50 games and he proposed a 100 game suspension but when he came back he’d retire so long as he got paid. In essence the Yankees would just pay him to go away.

The one thing I don’t want is the Yankees getting this assclown’s contract off their books. He interrupted the Red Sox beating the Rockies in game four of the World Series to say he was opting out of his old deal. Then signed the absurd 10 year $285 million deal. The Yankees should have that albatross of a contract till the end.

We’ll find out a lot more today.

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A-Rod Facing A Lifetime Ban


Remember Valentine’s Day 2004? The Sox deal for A-Rod collapsed and the Yankees swooped in and made a deal. Red Sox Nation was devastated. Then came the fight with Varitek that summer and the infamous slap of Bronson Arroyo; and of course the Red Sox winning their first World Series in 86 years.

No one seemed too broken up in not getting A-Rod after that.

Then came the steroid admission, the cheating on his wife with manly looking strippers, and Cameron Diaz feeding him popcorn at the Super Bowl. Oh how happy Sox fans were that he never became our problem.

Now the Biogenesis scandal has Rodriguez front and center again. MLB already made a deal with Ryan Braun on this with Braun accepting a 65 game suspension that means we won’t see him till next season.

MLB allegedly has gone to Rodriguez’s camp and offered him a suspension of the remainder of this season and all of next season. His representatives have declined and A-Rod said he’d fight any suspension.

Bud Selig has threatened to suspend him for life via the CBA if he doesn’t accept the other suspension so now his camp is reconsidering.

Meanwhile the Yankees are regretting, and really have been, signing him to a ten year $275 million contract. An awful lot to pay a guy who was pulled out of your lineup in the playoffs last year and hasn’t played an inning for you this season.

Personally I’m rooting for the lifetime ban on this just because I hate this purple lipstick wearing asshat. We’ll have to wait and see what MLB does.

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A-Roid Should Go Away

You’d think that after a night that Jonathan Van Every gave the Red Sox a win with a 10th inning home run I would lead with that. Nope. Celtics hoping to close out their first round series tonight? Nope. Once again more about the scandalous A-Roid.

Here’s the highlights from a story off ESPN.com:

• Yankees teammates, Roberts writes, nicknamed Rodriguez “Bitchh Tits” in 2005 because he put on 15 pounds in the offseason which included round pectorals, a condition called gynecomastia that can be caused by anabolic steroids.

• Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years. Former high school teammates told Roberts (the reporter that wrote the book that broke the steroid use) that A-Rod was using steroids back then and his coach knew it.

• A-Rod “pitch tipped” when he played for the Rangers by letting opponents at the plate know which pitch was coming in lopsided games. A-Rod expected players he helped would reciprocate when he was having an off night and needed to get his batting average up.

• A-Rod was hated at Hooters, where he tipped the minimum 15 percent.

Just more dirt piled on this piece of shit. He should pack it up, take his money and go home Mark McGuire style. Everyone know that if you go to Hooters you always tip better than that.


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A-Rod Keeps Fucking Up

Let’s see, it started with having his agent Scott Boras negotiating a contract with the Rangers for $100 million more than the second closest bidders. An MVP for a last place team and a forced trade to the Yankees after a failed attempt at a Red Sox trade. But he was baseball’s golden boy; Bud Selig’s teflon third baseman.

Once in New York it started to crumble. The single white female obsession he had with Derek Jeter and tried to do anything to be like Jeter. Problem being, he’s not as classy as Jeter. Getting his ass kicked by Jason Varitek.

Slapping the ball out of Bronson’s hand.

Then there was the bush league play in Toronto when he yelled “MINE!” as he was heading to third base. Causing the Toronto player to drop the ball. Of course we remember the whore.

Then the whole divorce thing, the Madonna thing, then the steroid thing followed by the hip problem that was probably caused by the steroid thing.

Now the latest, which is my favorite so far. He’s a client of a Madam and actually pressed the Madam into dating him. Forcing her hand with flowers, jewelry, and gifts. Being paid $275 million, good to see he’s spending it on sensible things. But the kicker is, this is what the chick looks like.

Why not just admit he’s gay. If this chick had a penis, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Yet he’s into it. The manly chick in Toronto and now this chick? Is she the same one as Toronto? Either way, manly blondes? I think the A-Roid may be taking a back seat to Gay-Rod again.

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Lie To Me

Happy Wednesday everyone. So the wife and I came across a new show on Fox a couple weeks ago and we’re huge fans. It’s on Fox on Wednesday nights and it’s called Lie to me*. Why do I bring this up in a sports blog? well, for the following reason.


Does anyone think this guy was sincere at all? Come on. The Lie to me guy would be all over this (as Tony Maz calls it) dog and pony show. This guy is a liar and you can tell by the way his purple lips basically deny any words coming out of his mouth.

Cousin? Seriously? Is his cousin related to Ty Law’s cousin who had ecstasy in Ty’s back pack coming over the Canadian border? Come on. Does he honestly expect us to believe him?

A little over a week ago he sat down with Peter Gammons and couldn’t recall what he took. Asked point blank if it was Primobolan and he couldn’t recall the name of it. Yet yesterday he all of a sudden remembered the name. Hello, you took it for three years and couldn’t remember the name?

And then to come out and say that you probably weren’t doing them right, come on. Why would you keep doing it if you didn’t think you were doing them right? You didn’t know they were steroids, but knew they weren’t Tic Tacs? I’m following…or not.

Some quotes from the press conference, taken out of context really solidify the Gay-Rod name over the A-Roid:

“It was really amateur hour. It was two guys doing a very amateur and immature thing. We probably didn’t even take it right.”

“It goes back to being young and being curious. I realized — thank God that I realized — that I was being silly and irresponsible, and I decided to stop. And I was a young guy.”

The bottom line on the whole thing he took a banned substance before baseball began testing for them. Is he taking things today? I have no doubt that he’s taking something new that baseball can’t test for. The rich players can afford the best where the guys that get busted in the minors are getting what they can afford. Baseball needs to come out with the list of the other 103 guys so it’s not just A-Roid feeling the heat on this. Don’t try and strip records, it is what it is. Out the other 103 guys, and let’s move on.

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