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Draft Day; Don’t Wait Up


Sorry for the long hiatus. I’m still adjusting to the new schedule and really sleep in the morning weighs much heavier that spitting out a blog post.

But that being said, I couldn’t let today come without offering a little something. I mean it’s draft day. If you go back through my blog’s years of posts you’ll see, the draft is one of my favorite events. I still hate that it starts on a Thursday but what I can I do, they’re not changing it.

So tonight the Patriots hold the 32nd overall pick. The last pick in the first round. The pick that will be selected around 12:30AM. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it’ll definitely be late and definitely be picked long after I’ve gone to bed.

Here’s the deal, the people saying the Pats are going to keep the pick because Belichick values that extra year they get on a first round pick are nuts. When what he’s picking at 32 can easily be had in the mid 40’s for the same caliber of player, zero chance he picks when he can add a seventh round pick to his draft load but jumping back 10 picks.

The need exists desperately for a corner. My fanboy hope is that the Pats trade up, get into the teens and get a game changing corner. But realistic me knows that the three third round picks Belichick can get for his first is far too enticing.

So I recommend you get your sleep tonight, stay with it as long as you can, but don’t count on the Pats ending the night. I don’t think it’s going to happen.


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